Sunday, November 1, 2015

On the blogs

The Hamptons Hyperinflation Endorsement -- Paul Krugman on Marco Rubio's endorsement (see also here) by Paul Singer, Vulture Fund owner extraordinaire, and establishment GOP donor

Demand Creates its Own Supply -- Roger Farmer, an uncoventional Keynesian (in my view he defies simple classifications; he remains tied to neoclassical views on the relevance of microfoundations, but does not agree with New Keynesians, or Old Neoclassical Synthesis ones, that wage rigidity is central for Keynesian results)

Keynes never left Canada, and intends to stay -- Simon Wren-Lewis on Nick Rowe's views of Canadian fiscal policy. Not sure about this one, but, at any rate, certainly if you compare the US and Canada with Europe, the former look Keynesian

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