Friday, February 13, 2015

On the blogs

Wynne Godley’s Prediction of the Failure of the Eurozone -- Lord Keynes on Wynne's euro skepticism. I posted on this here. Worth noticing that Wynne was very much for the European Union, and not against monetary union per se. He argued that fiscal union (which means political union) should come first.

Review of James Galbraith "The End of Normal" -- by yours truly, but in Portuguese.

Junk the phrase 'human capital' -- Branko Milanovic on why the term is "ideologically motivated and has contributed to conceptual confusion." Mind you, you must junk also the conventional understanding of capital, but that's another story.

Graph/Table of the Week: When did Corporate America begin? -- my regular short post on the URPE blog, based on a graph by Alfred Chandler. His story of why we got the big corporation. In his words:  "The new, more reliable, high-volume, regularly scheduled, all-weather transportation and communications provided by the railroad (and steamship) and the telegraph (and cable) brought into being a new institution."


  1. Will there be an English translation of your Galbraith review, Matias?


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