Monday, October 28, 2013

Is Obama a Big Government Socialist?

Yes, you know the answer to that one. At any rate, there is a nice graph (which I somehow missed before) on spending growth in different administrations (source here).
As one can see, Obama is the one with the lowest rate of growth in public spending. Note also that Clinton is the one with the second and third lowest rates. Dems are the party of small government. Something discussed in this forum a while ago.


  1. It is more to do with congress than who is president. Clinton's good fiscal numbers and Obama's are a result of republican congress

  2. Sorry but the Recovery Act has been planned by Obama staff and applied in 2009 by the first Obama administration....I think that this graph does not act correctly when assigns all the year 2009 to would be correct to assign to his admnistration the Paulson Plan, but what else?

  3. It is in someway tricky. In 2008 and 2009, there was a huge fiscal expansion, due to rescuing banks first, and Obama's first fiscal impulse later. We can no forget than the fiscal deficit over GDP it was near 10% in those years. So, the comparison base for Obama is very diferent to that of Bush or Reagan


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