Wednesday, December 21, 2016

10 papers from ROKE

As Review of Keynesian Economics comes to the end of its 4th year, I thought of reminding you that there are 34 free-access articles we have published so far. Below a list of 10 articles that I think are worth reading with no particular criteria (but a representative sample), in alphabetical order by author.

Wage-led versus profit-led demand regimes: the long and the short of it
Robert A. Blecker

The neoclassical sink and the heterodox spiral: political divides and lines of communication in economics
Gary A. Dymski

Developmental central banking: winning the future by updating a page from the past
Gerald Epstein

Endogenous money and effective demand
Steve Keen

Cambridge and neo-Kaleckian growth and distribution theory: comparison with an application to fiscal policy
Thomas I. Palley

What caused the great inflation moderation in the US? A post-Keynesian view
Nathan Perry and Nathaniel Cline

Keynes, family allowances, and Keynesian economic policy
Steven Pressman

How Keynes came to Britain
Robert Skidelsky

Keynes and the European economy
Peter Temin and David Vines

Unravelling the New Classical Counter Revolution
Simon Wren-Lewis

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