Sunday, January 24, 2016

On the blogs

Funding a national single-Payer system -- By Gerald Friedman in an old issue of Dollars & Sense. Not the exact same plan as Bernie's, but close enough. The point is that is feasible and cost effective. And we should try that, even if the powers that be will push back

Economy Can’t Withstand 4 Fed Hikes In 2016 -- Larry Summers says measures of inflation are exaggerated and the FOMC will have to reverse its current course in the future. More dovish than Yellen (so maybe he would have been a better chairman)

The dead hand of austerity; left and right -- Simon Wren-Lewis on austerity

Graph/Table of the week: Recovery for the few -- URPE blog, on how only the people at the top benefited from the recovery

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