Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Crazy proposals about government

Most stories about this were comparisons with Rick Perry forgetting which government agencies he would close (including the NYTimes). But the real story is he wants to close the IRS, the Housing, Energy and Commerce departments (yes he doesn't know how to count to 5). So presumably there will be no income tax, or how in hell is that going to be managed? How is tax collection better managed without an agency dedicated to that? Glad he doesn't want to close the whole Treasury Department. It is as if he wanted to reduce crime by eliminating the police (and that would be a less crazy idea than the closing the IRS, although reforming the police might be a more reasonable one). The level of crazy in the GOP is out of control.

PS: If you close the Commerce Dept. what would happen to the BEA? Would it be closed too? So no more national accounts? In all fairness no macroeconomic data would help President Cruz avoid scrutiny for his crazy policies. And if you think he is not serious remember that Congressional Republicans have effectively closed the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank), whatever you think about that government agency.

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