Saturday, July 4, 2015

Weisbrot: Greece should vote no

Mark Weisbrot on why Greeks should vote no.
"Well, I would go for a no-vote, because you have to look at who is responsible for this mess, who is responsible for six years of depression, who is responsible for the bank closing right now. 
It’s because the European Central Bank decided last Sunday to limit the amount of emergency liquidity assistance, so that the banks wouldn’t have enough money to open. And they did this very deliberately, I think, to intimidate the voters into voting yes. 
Everything that comes out of the mouths of the European officials right now is trying to scare and intimidate people to make them feel this pain and tell them this is what you’re going to get if you vote no. This is what you’re going to get if your government is audacious enough to insist not on everything they want or even half of what they want, but just a deal that allows the Greek economy to recover and unemployment to come down. 
That’s really all that they have been asking for. And the European authorities have been stubborn and frankly pretty mean about it."
The whole transcript here. The whole video of Mark Weisbrot debate on the Greek crisis below.

Mark correctly points out that right now the crisis is caused by the European institutions, and that it is to punish and possibly oust a left of center government.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. This choice is about as clear cut as it gets -- vote for the people responsible for the mess who are trying to scare you into more of the same (that their own staff acknowledge will not work), or vote for some constructive change.


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