Saturday, March 14, 2015

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Fun With Brad DeLong on TPP -- Dean Baker discusses Brad deLong timid defense of the Trans Pacific Partnership. Mind you I am less keen on the notion that a depreciated dollar would lead to more manufacturing jobs in the US, but at any rate we agree that Free trade Agreements hurt workers (here and in developing countries). FTAs are pro-corporation treaties

Yes David: Unemployment is Sometimes Involuntary -- Roger Farmer explaining the obvious to his friend David, and in the process criticizing Lucas. Always good in my book

Power from the People -- Florence Jaumotte and Carolina Buitron in the IMF's Finance & Development magazine note that the decline in unionization in recent decades has fed the rise in incomes at the top

A Tale of Two Economies? -- L-P. Rochon on the Canadian and US labor market weakness. And Canada is also far from full employment

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