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‘What are economists for? To make people laugh’: vale, Charlie Hebdo’s Bernard Maris -- Steve Kates on the late Bernard Maris, a post-Keynesian economist and victim of the attack on Charlie Hebdo

Unemployment and Productivity Growth -- JW Mason on productivity growth and Verdoorn's Law among other things

Secular stagnation: a neo-paleo-Keynesian perspective -- Roger Farmer on secular stagnation, Larry Summers' style, and neo-paleo-Keynesian economics (wow, is that a thing now?!)

Orthodoxy, Heterodoxy, and Ideology -- Krugman on orthodoxy and heterodoxy (as always he discusses something else, distorting the meaning of heterodox as being against formalization, and not the acceptance by the mainstream of the natural rate hypothesis and the need for imperfections; this was discussed here before and in many other posts)


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