Mishel, Shierholz & Schmitt on Wage Inequality, A Story of Policy Choices

Economists Lawrence Mishel, Heidi Shierholz and John Schmitt have published a new paper in New Labor Forum titled Wage Inequality: A Story of Policy Choices about the causes of wage stagnation and wage inequality in the United States.

Full PDF here.


  1. Vernengo,

    What is the top 5 heterodox universities nowadays?

    See You

    1. You mean graduate programs? In the US there are only that many, I think. Colorado/Fort Collins, New School, UMass/Amherst, UMKC and Utah. Riverside and Notre Dame are basically gone.

  2. and so is Utah...

    1. So is Utah what? Not heterodox? That would be an exaggeration. It was never completely, and continues to be as it was. By the way, that's valid in almost all programs, since Amherst and Fort Collins and UMKC also have conventional faculty, I think. The New School doesn't, but it's really small.


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