Thursday, May 1, 2014

Academic Freedom Watch: We're NOT in Kansas Anymore

Two faculty members at UMKC are retiring, or so it seems, John Henry and Fred Lee, at the same time that cuts led to a new policy according to which full-time faculty would be replaced as they retire with adjuncts. This can only hurt small departments like the economics one. Students have posted here a Statement against this policy. There is a possibility that this is not unrelated in the case of economics to the type of approach of the department. It would be sad indeed if in the post-crisis period, in which many organizations and economists admitted that change in the way economics is taught if another heterodox department was under attack. The infamous Notre Dame case is still fresh enough, and should serve as a cautionary tale. More on this later.

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  1. Dr. Henry's retirement was known for a full year before it happened, but with Dr. Lee recently finding out that he was very sick he was forced to retire, and that is what has caused the uproar with the current group of students, who want the education that they came to UMKC to receive. The existing professors are already overworked and the courses that Henry and Lee are not ones that existing professors can simply teach, that's something the administration does not understand. We need the faculty that have retired to be replaced, immediately.


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