Monday, December 30, 2013

'Tips or Starve' or the Wage crisis: The USA's new underclass

A documentary on the working poor. Not sure if this is right, but it seems that in bars and restaurants the wage is below the federal minimum of US$7.25 (see video at 4:40).


  1. Many minimum wage laws have separate minimums for servers who earn tips. Here in Washington, and a few other states, the minimum wage is the same for everyone, whether they receive tips or not. Washington has the highest minimum wage in the U.S. and, according to the BLS, if my memory hasn't failed me, servers in Washington earn more than they do in any other state.
    Seattle just elected its first Socialist City Council Member in over 100 years, and she ran on a platform of raising the minimum wage in Seattle to $15/hour. The new Mayor of Seattle has formed a committee to look into it. SeaTac, a small city near the airport, just passed a $15/hour minimum wage by initiative, the court ruled that the law doesn't apply to businesses at the airport itself.

    You can find a little more at my blog:

  2. The tips a waiter receives shouldn't be counted as his salary. It is not. They should be paid equally/above the minimum wage


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