Lars Syll on the Sveriges Riksbank Prize

Lars Syll had a nice post recently on the forthcoming (next Monday) Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. He argues that a likely candidate would be Eugene Fama, for exactly all the wrong reasons, which is apparently what guides most of these prizes in economics anyway. And indeed Fama has perennially been in the short list. Reuters (here) has a different list with three teams of possible winners: Angrist, Card and Krueger for labor economics, Hendry, Pesaran and Phillips for time series econometrics, and Peltzman and Posner for economic regulation (deregulation more likely). And Reuters was correct on the Physics prize, but this year Higgs was a shoe-in.

PS: The 'Nobel' might up for grabs, but Janet Yellen will be the next chairperson of the Fed.


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