Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gotta love empirical evidence supporting

The proposition that data has a liberal bias [ht/, of course to Matias for the notion, and to Chris Hayes (Up with Chris Hayes) for the image. Link to research paper here]. In this graph, the blue line is conservatism as measured by the AEI House of Representatives Conservative Rating, and, drum roll please, the red line is actual, self-described, conservative level of, gasp, conservative voters. Clearly way more liberal, and increasingly so, than the Cipolla-idiots they elect.


  1. Wow. They took off with Saint Reagan and never looked back!

    1. Reagan, agonistes! Reagan, reified. The guy was a chump. The 'pubs had a few really good years... ~ 1860 - 1865. And maybe parts of the Teddy Roosevelt prog movement.


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