Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rochon and Docherty on the future of PK economics

The financial crises led many to believe that neoclassical economics might pay a price for the inability to foresee the unsustainable problems that were at the heart of the crisis. This paper deals with the problems of the mainstream and the possible strategies that heterodox groups, in particular post-Keynesians, might use to gain influence. From the abstract:
This paper examines the reasons for the difficulties Post Keynesian economics has had in supplanting mainstream neoclassical theory and for its resulting marginalization. Three explanations are given: intellectual, sociological and political, where the latter two are largely responsible for the current relationship of Post Keynesian economics to the mainstream. The paper also reviews various strategies for improving the future of Post Keynesian economics, including a focus on methodological issues by maintaining an ‘open systems’ approach; a strategy of ‘embattled survival’; the development of a positive alternative to mainstream economics; a strategy of ‘constructive engagement’ with the mainstream; and a dialogue with policymakers. While the global financial crisis has increased the potential for constructive engagement with the mainstream, significant barriers remain to the effectiveness of this approach. The crisis has, however, enhanced the possibility of engaging directly with policymakers and gaining a greater role in management education.
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  1. I look forward to reading this.
    The theme reminds of another work - it is much more abstract in nature, but enjoyable and worth working through http://www.uadphilecon.gr/UA/files/1139148722..pdf
    "Yanis Varoufakis, Christian Arnsperger. 2009. "A Most Peculiar Failure: On the dynamic mechanism by which the inescapable theoretical failures of neoclassical economics reinforce its dominance."


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