Saturday, June 9, 2012

Graph of the Week: Unions and Inequality

If you were concerned about the defeat of the recall of Governor Walker in Wisconsin, well here is one more reason for you to panic. The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) has just published its Economic Snapshot.

The authors, Ross Eisenbrey and Colin Gordon, say:
“To a remarkable extent, inequality, which fell during the New Deal but has risen dramatically since the late 1970s, corresponds to the rise and fall of unionization in the United States.”
Nothing to add.


  1. Attribute it to? Because the establishment globally established the monetarist paradigm of the new classics and that meant having adherent to it.? Which made even from the most influential trainers training?. Broke the Union of labour with capital plaster is not good.

  2. David Card has written a couple papers on this exact relationship, nothing updated past mid-1990s though:

    Mankiw himself discussed this and other research back in 2006, when there was some energy on the blogosphere over this question:

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