Monday, December 12, 2011

Blog related working papers

All these papers were published this year in the U's working paper series. A holiday treat; enjoy!

Working Paper 2011_07
Title: The Veblenian Roots of Institutional Political Economy
Author: Kirsten Ford Download PDF (221 KB)

Working Paper 2011_08
Title: An Aristotelian View of Marx’s Method
Author: Nathaniel Cline, William McColloch and Kirsten Ford Download PDF (184 KB)

Working Paper 2011_09
Title: Marx’s Appreciation of James Steuart: A Theory of History and Value
Author: William McColloch Download PDF (166 KB)

Working Paper 2011_11
Title:Thorstein Veblen: A Marxist Starting Point
Author: Kirsten Ford and William McColloch Download PDF (139 KB)

Working Paper 2011_12
Title: Easy Balancing Act: Reducing the Balance of Payments Constraint; Improving Export Competitiveness and Productivity; and Absorbing Surplus Labor – The Indian Experience
Author: Suranjana Nabar-Bhaduri Download PDF (374 KB)

Working Paper 2011_13
Title: Portrait of the Economist as a Young Man: Raúl Prebisch’s evolving views on the business cycle and money, 1919-1949
Author: Esteban Pérez Caldentey and Matias Vernengo Download PDF (452 KB)

Working Paper 2011_14
Title: The return of vulgar economics: A Rejoinder to Colander, Holt and Rosser
Author: Matias Vernengo Download PDF (100 KB)


  1. As someone who's been reading up on James Steuart for a while, I really appreciated McColloch's paper. all of these are quite interesting though!

  2. Thanks Nathan, Bill's paper is indeed very good.

  3. Thanks for providing these readings. The link to Ford and McColloch's paper on Veblen doesn't seem to be working, however...

  4. Thanks for the tip. Will ask the dept about it.


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