Saturday, August 20, 2011

Investigación Económica at 70

Investigación Económica, a journal that has become the most important in México, is turning 70, and Ignacio Perrotini, the editor, is organizing a very interesting conference (disclosure, I'm in the board, and will be at the conference). Jesús Silva Herzog was the founder, and while he cannot be considered a structuralist, it is clear that he was very open to publish the authors that would become central for that school of thought in Latin America, like Juan Noyola Vázquez, the father of the structuralist theory of inflation, Hans Singer, of Prebisch-Singer fame, and Celso Furtado, a central figure in early structuralism and the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA) when Prebisch was the Executive Secretary. IE published original and translated articles of the main heterodox economists over the years, and now that it is bilingual it has become a central outlet for high quality heterodox research.  So if you cannot go to the conference, you can check the various issues in the link above.

PS: A partial list of the conference participants includes Amitava Dutt, Anthony Thirlwall, Carlo Panico, Guadalupe Mántey, Tom Palley and Jaime Ros among others.

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